Welcome To Kidney Care,
Your Way!

Welcome To Kidney Care, Your Way!

We provide leadership in nephrology and transplantation both locally and nationally.

New To Chronic Kidney Disease?

We Have The Kidney Health Services Tailored For You.

If you've been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), it's natural to feel overwhelmed, but remember you are not alone in this journey. Navigating your health with CKD involves staying informed about your condition, taking prescribed medications, adhering to a kidney-friendly diet, and regularly keeping up with your healthcare appointments. Advocating for your health means actively participating in your care, asking questions, and seeking clarity about your treatment options. It's about making informed decisions that prioritize your health and wellbeing. Together with a supportive healthcare team, there's much you can do to manage CKD and maintain your quality of life.

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At our nephrology practice, we deeply comprehend the intricacies of chronic kidney disease and the profound impact it can have on an individual's quality of life. A comprehensive approach enables our skilled healthcare team to manage kidney disease effectively, slow its progression, and enhance the overall life quality for our patients.

Kidney Disease

Our nephrologists are skilled at improving care for patients with chronic kidney disease and other conditions that are related to nephrology such as hypertension.


Excellence in hypertension care. Specialists and primary care doctors work together for comprehensive treatment, including monitoring, tests, medications, and nutrition.

Kidney Transplant

Transplant offers a highly successful alternative to dialysis for individuals with chronic renal failure with success rates approaching 97 percent after one year.


Our dialysis service saves lives by filtering patients' blood to remove waste and excess fluids, offering essential treatment for individuals with kidney failure.

Dialysis Access

Our perform dialysis access procedures like angiography and angioplasty to address hypertension-related issues, including peripheral artery disease.

General Surgery

Our surgeons collaborate with our nephrology team, hypertension specialists, PAs, and nurse practitioners for comprehensive care of kidney disease and hypertension.

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About RenalCare Associates

RenalCare Associates, established in 1975, is dedicated to providing exceptional care for patients with kidney disease and related conditions. Our nationally recognized team of nephrologists and transplant specialists offer personalized and comprehensive kidney care, utilizing cutting-edge treatment options tailored to your needs.

  • Highest quality care for kidney disease and related conditions
  • Personalized and comprehensive kidney care
  • Nationally recognized team of nephrologists and transplant specialists
  • Cutting-edge treatment options tailored to your needs

Partner with us in your health journey and experience Kidney Care, Your Way!

What Makes RenalCare Associates Different?

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Specializing in Private Nephrology

As a private nephrology practice, we prioritize building strong patient-doctor relationships and providing flexible treatment plans to ensure each patient receives personalized attention.

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Comprehensive Kidney Care Services

Our offerings encompass kidney disease management, transplant evaluation and post-transplant care, dialysis treatment options, nutrition counseling, education, and ongoing support.

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Proactive Team Collaboration

Through our program, patients benefit from a collaborative approach involving a team of professionals who closely collaborate with their nephrologist to address individual patient needs.

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Tailored Patient-Centered Approach

Our dedication is to deliver comprehensive kidney care, recognizing the uniqueness of each patient's journey. We collaborate with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations.

Patient Education

RenalCare Associates has a comprehensive kidney disease education program delivered to you in the office or virtually by our experienced advanced practice nurses.

Topics include:

Kidney School loho
  1. Basics about your kidney disease (2 sessions)
  2. Renal Transplantation
  3. Options when the kidneys fail
  4. Conservative management of my kidney disease
  5. Living with kidney disease
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What Patients Are Saying

Tiana T. - Ottawa, IL

"Staff was friendly, and so was doctor, pretty helpful with diagnosis and not too long of a wait to get seen or in for the appointment..."

Collin R. - Morton, IL

"Dr Tim Pflederer.....He is beyond very smart and up to date on cutting edge medical treatment, but he has a compassion and empathy not often found in specialists especially. He always takes the time to listen and do what is needed. I have been a patient of this group for over thirty years and he is above all the best doctor I have ever seen."

Melissa P. - Matton, IL

"Very friendly, helpful staff! Dr was very knowledgeable and kind and calming."

Maria R. - Peoria, IL

"Dr Raji Jacobs cares for my father and she’s amazing! She is very kind and makes sure she crosses all her t’s and dots all the i’s! I wish she could take care of all his needs! An amazing Dr. and human being! I would give 1000 stars if I could!"

Tom D. - Ottawa, IL

"Absolutely love Dr. Jamnadas and his staff! Very caring and compassionate."

Susan G. - Peoria, IL

"Dr. Jacob is more than a doctor she is a person that has compassion and care for others. My brother was critically ill and in the ICU at OSF. She explained to my family in the utmost compassion about his outcome... I will be eternally grateful that she was able to get my dad to calm down and understand."

Candelaria T. - Ottawa, IL

"Dr. Jamnadas is always so friendly and patient. His nurse is great too!"

Mary M. - Morton, IL

"My husband had surgery here. All persons were very informative and kept us updated. Dr. Tim was very thorough with the explanation of what he was doing and honest with me, after finishing my husband's surgery. Very happy with this facility!!"