RenalCare Associates provides treatment for kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, and hypertension (high blood pressure). We provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for all kidney related disordershigh blood pressuredialysis and renal transplatation.

Please contact us if you need treatment for kidney disease or high blood pressure.


Our nephrologists are skilled at improving care for patients with chronic kidney disease and other conditions that are related to nephrology such as diabetes.


Excellence in hypertension care. Specialists and primary care doctors work together for comprehensive treatment, including monitoring, tests, medications, and nutrition.

Kidney Transplant

Transplant offers a highly successful alternative to dialysis for individuals with chronic renal failure with success rates approaching 97 percent after one year.

Dialysis Access

Our perform dialysis access procedures like angiography and angioplasty to address hypertension-related issues, including peripheral artery disease.

General Surgery

Our surgeons collaborate with our nephrology team, hypertension specialists, PAs, and nurse practitioners for comprehensive care of kidney disease and hypertension.

What Patients Are Saying

Deborah L. – Bloomington

"The staff was kind and respectful. The provider I saw, Amanda Matthews, was knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. She has a good sense of humor and a ready smile. I will be recommending this office to my friends and family ;)"

Linda B. – Galesburg

"This appointment was a very pleasant experience to follow up from a hospital stay. All staff & especially Dr Srini were pleasant, caring & thorough. I highly recommend Dr Srini to those with a need."

Sherry B. – Moline

"Dr Figenbaum is a great doctor. He explains everything well and tells me what I need to do to keep my kidneys healthy. He's very nice. The staff is also great."

Gail R. – Peoria

"Excellent staff! Dr. James was very personable and caring. He made sure that he addressed my issues, as well as giving me good input about my needs. This was my first appointment with him and I couldn't have asked for a better physician."

Michael P – Ottawa

"Great staff. Dr. Kahn is very professional and curtesy."

Susan M. – Galesburg

"Usually I feel nervous when going to a new Dr. But from the first time I entered Dr. Imam's office and was welcomed by Mary Sue, I felt at home. Dr. spends time answering each of my questions in a way that makes me understand. I would never go to anyone else!"

Toni M. – Renal Intervention Center

"Caring, details of what is to be the staff."

Ronda L. – Mattoon

"Dr. Mahathi took the time to listen and answer all of my questions. She is kind and compassionate, as well as thorough."

Sandra L.- Bloomington

"I really appreciate the free valet service (no tipping aloud). The receptionist is smiling and friendly. It was my first meeting with Dr. Thaker. He was warm and kind. He took the time to make sure that I understood what was happening in my case. He was encouraging, and I'll be happy to visit him in six months."

Jerry C. – Ottawa

"The staff were very courteous and helpful during my visit. Dr Jamnadas was pleasant and gave good information on my condition."

Diane H. – Moline

"Had a great Appointment. The receptionist was very friendly and greeted me with a smile 😃. (A smile goes a long way).The nurse also greeted me with a smile as we proceeded to the weighting area and then to the waiting room. Dr. Alla came in very pleasant , greeted both my husband and myself with a handshake 🤝 Had a great report, am doing well and will be seen again in January."

Susan M. – Moline

"Usually I feel nervous when going to a new Dr. But from the first time I entered Dr. Imam's office and was welcomed by Mary Sue, I felt at home. Dr.spends time answering each of my questions in a way that makes me understand. I would never go to anyone else!"

Carol R. – Moline

"I find it very comforting to have the friendly gal checking me in. She always has a smile. Very nice! I still find it very hard understanding Dr Bhatti. It’s not easy trying to absorb everything to take all the info home with me. I really think he is a wonderful Dr, taking care of my problems."

Sue Ellen S. – Peoria

"I always look forward to seeing Dr Houser. I have complete confidence in his knowledge. He is always compassionate and takes as much time as i need during my visits. Such a wonderful asset to the practice, i recommend him to anyone needing Renal care. I consider him a friend i can talk to anytime and he listens. Wonderful doctor, man and friend. I thank God i have him in my life caring for me, someone i trust completely."

Andreon L. – Peoria

"Excellent staff. Kind. Courteous. Professional. They go above and beyond to remind you of an upcoming appointment (which I like). Dr. Alonso is absolutely the best care provider. You are heard. He works with you to make sure you have the best care for your health. I highly recommend."