What is Nephrology?

Nephrology refers to the study of normal and abnormal kidney function. Our nephrologists specialize in diagnosing a wide range of kidney-related conditions including sudden and slowly progressive kidney damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, electrolyte imbalances and inflammatory diseases affecting the kidneys. Our nephrologists are able to assist primary care providers in caring for simple kidney problems or do more comprehensive management of complex problems including kidney failure requiring transplant or dialysis.

Kidney ultrasound. Doctor analyzing of patient kidney health using kidney ultrasound

Nephrology Services at RCA

If you need nephrology care or if you have a loved one who does, we offer the following services:

  • Acute and chronic kidney disease management
  • Kidney disease education
  • Dietary counseling
  • Dialysis access placement and maintenance procedures
  • Kidney transplant management
  • Kidney stone evaluation
  • Genetic kidney disease management
  • Other kidney problems
  • Patient education

Please contact us to get more details on our nephrology services.

Our nephrologists are skilled at improving care for patients with chronic kidney disease and other conditions that are related to nephrology such as hypertension.