Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

It’s great to get your blood pressure checked frequently by your physician, but if you have a problem with hypertension, you may want to check it more frequently on your own… or if you suspect you have high blood pressure, you can check it yourself too.

How to take your own blood pressure:

  1. Sit down with both feet flat on the floor and your back up against the chair.
  2. Wrap the blood pressure monitor cuff above your elbow.
  3. Rest your arm on a table.  Your upper arm should be at heart level.
  4. Don’t talk while you take your blood pressure.
  5. Follow the instructions that come with your monitor.
  6. Take your blood pressure and write down your results.  Wait a few moments, take it again, and write down the results.
  7. Record the results, as directed by your doctor.

Share your results with your doctor at your next appointment.

Download the following forms for your convenience:

How to take your own blood pressure
Daily blood pressure log
Blood pressure and your health (published by the American Society of Hypertension)