RenalCare Associates receives American Heart Association’s Hypertension Practice Center Certification

The OSF Hypertension Center through RenalCare Associates has been awarded the American Heart Association’s Hypertension Practice Center Certification to recognize the practice’s commitment to following research-based-treatment guidelines to care for people with complex or difficult-to-treat hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Certified practices must be primarily devoted to patients with hypertension and related disorders, be recognized as referral and treatment resources for resistant and secondary hypertension and have facilities and personnel capable of assessing and evaluating complicated hypertension problems. Certified Hypertension Practice Centers are recognized as leaders in providing the most up-to- date effective treatment strategies based on current evidence-based research in hypertension.

RenalCare underwent several reviews by American Heart Association quality improvement specialists who evaluated the practice’s policies, procedures and operations to ensure appropriate diagnosis, evaluation and treatment protocols were in place and executed for hypertension patients.

To signify their exemplary efforts, RenalCare will display the official American Heart Association Hypertension Practice Center Certification mark.

Through this certification program, the American Heart Association aims to improve the outcomes of people with complex or difficult-to-treat hypertension through collaboration with medical practices to implement evidence-based treatment guidelines.

The overall goals for the certified Hypertension Practice Center encompass patients, providers and research and training opportunities through an evaluation of the practice against a professional set of criteria based on demonstrated adherence to key standards and rigorous review process.